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Fabulous Hudson Hornet

The "Fabulous Hudson Hornet" Depending on your age, it conjures up an image of a fast, aggressive machine tearing through the sand at Daytona Beach, leaving all competitors choking in the dust. The younger crowd will think of a gruff cartoon character who ends up acting as a father figure to a hot shot kid who has lost his way in life. Most of the younger set have no idea that the "Fabulous Hudson Hornet" is real. Those stock car records mentioned in the movie are also real and still stand today. 27 wins out of 34 starts in 1952 is a record that will never be beat.

In an effort to promote the education of the public on the history and the products of the Hudson Motor Car Company, the Hudson Essex Terraplane Historical Society has recreated the "Fabulous Hudson Hornet" Our Doc Hudson Project has toured the country allowing people of all ages and circumstance the opportunity to sit behind the wheel and experience a true American classic.

Hudson Essex Terraplane Historical Society

A 501(c)3 Corporation dedicated to preserving the history, heritage and products of the Hudson Motor Car Co.

Hudson Essex Terraplane Historical SocietyIn addition to the HETHS Doc Hudson Project, the Hudson Essex Terraplane Historical Society has a renewed emphasis on establishing a permanent museum dedicated to the preservation of the automobiles produced by the Hudson Motor Car Company and associated literature, papers and products. Recently, the Hudson Essex Terraplane Historical Society's library of Hudson related materials has been relocated to the AACA library in Hershey, PA. Once inventoried and cataloged, it will be secure and available to all HETHS members. We encourage all Hudson owners and Hudson enthusiasts to become members of the Hudson Essex Terraplane Historical Society. Please join or donate today.

Hudson Essex Terraplane Club

Founded in 1959, one of the world's oldest Car Clubs, dedicated to the enthusiasts of the Hudson automobile.

Hudson Essex Terraplane ClubIt is said that people join the Hudson Essex Terraplane Club (HET Club) for the cars, but they stay for the people. Known for their friendliness and hospitality, members of the HET Club host Hudson meets all across the USA and the world. Our bi-monthly publication, The White Triangle News has won the coveted Golden Quill award many times and is packed full of Hudson information, photos and extensive classified ads. Members regularly rely on other members for their expertise in the restoration and repair of their prized Hudson automobiles. Please join the 2700 other worldwide members in our fantastic organization.